Friday, May 15, 2009

FBC featured on KUOW 94.9 fm

There's so much happening that I don't have time for a real post but I wanted to let you know that Seattle's NPR station, KUOW 94.9 (, did a show on green business that featured Fremont Brewing Company last Wednesday, May 13th.  Steve Scher introduces FBC at about 9:40 am or 40 minutes into the show. If you missed it, You can find an audio link at:  The interest in Seattle was so enthusiastic that KUOW has decided to run the show again tomorrow SATURDAY, MAY 16TH. Irene Noguchi who produced the show says, "KUOW Presents will be playing it tomorrow (Sat.) around 12:30, I think."  So you can stream it live tomorrow (on your way to the Gorge for the Doobie Brothers, Allman Brothers and Dead show starting at 3:30) or download the podcast at said link.
PS: Gas inspection passed today, CIP (Clean In Place) tomorrow, test batch Sunday.

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