Thursday, April 30, 2009

pre-May Day Post

I’m about 10 days late but while it’s still April, I want to draw your attention to FBC’s phone number: 420-2407.  Get it?

 Anyway, the last major piece of this project is falling into place today.  The refrigerator guys are hooking up the compressor coils to the cold room.  Which means we can hook gas up next week.  Kemp is mounting the grain auger (interesting visual, huh?) to pull the grain out of the grain room and into the mash tank.  By mounting, I mean he’s up in the forklift box and hanging the motor from the 28 foot high ceiling – precision work.

 To pretty up the place for the 40th birthday bash tomorrow, I moved the piles of flotsam and jetsam all over the place and consolidated them into one room.  Now no one can find anything!  And today I get to mount the forklift box to wash all the tanks so that the ambient lights for the party will reflect off the gorgeous towers of stainless steel.  Then I’ll have to clean the bathrooms –volunteers, anyone?

 Meanwhile, 100 tap handles are in production and will soon be available to fine drinking and dining establishments across town and beyond.

 All this is happening in the wake of Matt’s surgery a couple days ago.  Did I mention that he slit his wrist (accidentally!) cutting zip ties with a box cutter?  Didn’t follow the constant admonition we give our sons to always cut away from themselves when chopping veggies with our Henckels.  He severed the flexor minor tendon his left wrist.  The surgeon made a two-inch incision to retract the tendon and stitched the two ends together with titanium thread – fancy!  After six weeks of physical therapy which he’s sure to do religiously, he should be almost back to normal but his rock star career is shot.  (Speaking of, if anyone has extra tickets to the Dead at the Gorge, let me know:

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