Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trip to Puterbaugh Farms

Well, I lose blog points for not updating this in a long while. I pledge to improve. So, catching up on the last month or so, I took a trip to the brewery's hop supplier - Puterbaugh Farms - and was amazed by the complexity of the machinery and sheer manpower required to raise, harvest, process and package our beloved hops. To think we were paying such a lowly sum for these jewels a short time ago...Our host for the trip, Tyler, is one of the Puterbaugh family members and was extremely gracious with his time as we spent most of the day touring the hop harvesting, processing, packaging and storage facilities. Tyler and his family have been growing hops in the Yakima Valley area for four generations and grow some of the choicest hops in the world. We are extremely fortunate to have such an amazing resource in our state and to be able to use these hops in our beers. Thanks, Tyler. I've posted some pictures of the trip to give a flavor of the operation. We look forward to featuring the Puterbaugh Family hops in our beers. 

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