Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Buying the Brewhouse

Well, we finally located and purchased a brewhouse. Patience is truly a virtue when buying brewery equipment. The brewhouse is a gorgeous 15 BBL (that's 30 full-size kegs) system manufactured in Denver in 1996 and currently in use by Red Lodge Brewing Co near Yellowstone in Montana [www.redlodgeales.net]. The system is electrofinished stainless steel and looks like chrome. She shines up easily to a mirror finish and produces some fine brews for the guys and gals at Red Lodge. I took the whole family out to Montana for this trip and had a fine time touring the brewery, brewing with the team at Red Lodge and sampling the finished product...ah, starting a brewery is hard work sometimes. The only downside of the purchase is that we won't able to transport it here until March or April so we'll have to figure something out between January 2009 and April in order to produce and sell our beer. I've been talking to some Seattle brewers about the new contract brewing arrangement the Washington State Liquor Control Board recently allowed so we'll be able to offer beer in limited quantities prior to getting our new system installed. Stay tuned. Also, see the pics below for a preview. Now, it seems real...and then I have to figure out how to transport it.

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bhravo said...

The quality of Sonora Brewhouse is what I expect in a major restaurant chain box as Gordon Biersch, but never. The problem here is that they can be more. Food + Atmosphere (personality) = greatness. Sonora Brewhouse lack of heart.

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