Thursday, December 2, 2010

Growing Up

Soon you'll notice something different about our homepage if it hasn't already changed by the time you read this. It will soon feature a video produced by soulmoto, an upscale yet nimble video branding company whose portfolio includes Getty Images, Starbucks, and Rick Steves’ Europe. The world premier of of this swanky new video will be on FRIDAY, DEC. 3RD, 4:00 – 9:00 pm at the Urban Beer Garden for December’s Fremont First Friday Art Walk.

It was quite a departure from our scrappy, DIY modus operandi to hire soulmoto to produce such a fancy video for us. But we figured it was time to grow up a little and put something pretty on our home page instead of the usual low-grade iPhone videos of the guys goofing around in the shop. I know some people are really into that roots sort of thing so don't worry, it will still be available on our site.

One of soulmoto's partners is Dave Scudder. He's a beer aficionado, a Fremont local, and a regular at the Urban Beer Garden. His familiarity with Fremont Brewing made him and his company the logical choice for this endeavor. Their product is absolutely gorgeous and entertaining, capturing perfectly the essence of Fremont Brewing’s people, beer, and community. Well, maybe not perfectly. We look a lot better and come off more articulate than in real life thanks to professional lighting and editing. But seriously, it conveys a genuine slice of who we are. Soulmoto’s tagline isn’t “moving brand stories” for nothing.

This little gem will be posted on the homepage as soon as we figure out how to load such a huge file where our YouTube embed usually goes. But stay tuned. And if you’re a regular at UBG, you might even see yourself in the footage!

PS: Sorry so lame in posting lately -- I got my real, paying job back at City Council. I'll get better.

(Image above provided by soulmoto.)

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