Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tweet tweet

Kicking and screaming, we've submitted to our fans' demands and we are now “Twitterific”! (Is it just me or does that just sound so babyish?) Follow @fremontbrewing and you’ll get at least one tweet a day about life at ye ol’ brewery. I’m just learning the intricacies of this whole social media thing (thanks to help from my beer- and social media-geek hand-holder, Michael Foley @foleymo) and your patience is appreciated while I work out the kinks. If you’re wondering why I’m following Georgetown University, it’s because I thought I’d found Georgetown Brewing (@gtownbeer) and I don’t know how to un-follow yet.

And speaking of modernization, we're planning a major website redo that will reduce the boring text and feature rotating short videos of our goings-on among other things. Stay tuned...

Also new: we’re on the brink of signing with a distributor so you’ll have many more places at which to enjoy our beer – even some places south of the ship canal!

Our Urban Beer Garden is thriving and we’ve now got 6 beers on tap instead of four. This week: Universale, Interurban IPA, Abominable (our winter dark), Bourbon Abominable (my absolute favorite – Aboninable aged in bourbon barrels for months), Nitro Universale (creamy), and Little Woody (an old favorite, revived: our oaked Universale). That's Aaron prepping a tea-bag thingy of Chinook and Cascade hops for the next Woody.

Thanks to Green Frog Acoustic Tavern in Bellingham for hosting our Brewers Night last night. Matt Lincoln and Aaron had a great time – Aaron mostly at the expense of the red-head wine-drinker.

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Mike Foley said...

Hey Sara,

Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad I could get you started and I'm looking forward to helping you become a social media ninja!