Monday, September 14, 2009

Drinking Liberally

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our Urban Beer Garden, I encourage you to do so. It's on Thursday and Friday, 4-8:00 pm.* Matt and his crew serve three or four beers, including Universale, Nitro Universale and a couple small-batch mystery beers they invent just for fun – last Friday featured Firelight IPA and Matt’s Creamy Steamy Porter. Patrons get to enjoy the fruit of our brewers' creative genius and we get the benefit of the community’s feedback for future recipe refinement. Pints are four or five bucks and seven buys you an FBC pint glass and a fill.

For most people, the attraction of the UBG is simply to have a place to hang out with friends on Thursday and Friday afternoons from 4-8:00 – to unwind after work or get loose before the weekend’s prime-time events. Since beginning three weeks ago, the news has spread among locals and folks who work in and around Fremont that it’s a relaxed, unpretentious (yet hip in its own way) scene where you can meet up with other friends, have a bite, or just hang with our crew.

We have one long family-style table made from wide-plank fir bleacher board and several swanky red leather circular booths and funky art glass tables inherited from the old Red Door that we set up for the occasion. We have menus from several local restaurants from which you can order delivery or take-out (if you’re not sated by the pretzels Aaron so generously shares). Kids of all ages are welcome – there’s chalk, a sturdy spring ridey-thing and other stuff to entertain them (with your supervision, of course).

Last Friday, there was a steady stream of people sampling the crazy brews, rendez-vousing with buddies, and enjoying local grub. Many stopped by just to pick up a growler and ended up staying until close. It’s that cool. Try it!

*Please note: on Thursday, October 8 the Fremont Brewing Company will host a party for Councilmember Richard Conlin to raise money for his reelection campaign (which I’m managing). So the Urban Beer Garden will resume the next day, on Friday, Oct. 9.

But please consider attending this shindig for Richard! It’s an open event aimed at people who aren’t your typical political junkies but who appreciate Richard’s work on behalf of neighborhoods, the environment, sustainable local food, skateboarding, the music scene, transit (pretty much the gamut of good causes) – or want to know more about what he’s done for them lately and what he plans to do in his next term if reelected. Basically, we’re expanding our base by appealing to beer lovers. In fact, YOU are very likely my target audience so come on down, drink some beer, eat some food (I’m looking for donations in this department), meet your councilmember, and get to know more about your city.

The facts: October 8, 6-9:00 pm. $25 suggested donation. RSVPs would be nice:

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Bruce Dugdale said...


Can you make a Pilsner? After leaving in Prague for 3 years I got spoiled.I have not found a worthy Pilsner produced locally.

Good luck on your Brewing endevers.