Monday, July 13, 2009

30 kegs of beer in the walk-in, 30 kegs of beer...

They’re racking (that means filling) the kegs right now with the first edition of UNIVERSALE PALE! It’s a crisp, hoppy but not too hoppy, maple syrup & honey-colored elixir with girl-pleasing hints of malt. “Don’t say that!” Aaron yelled, as if pleasing girls weren’t a good thing to do in this heavily-populated craft beer market dominated by male consumers. “Say ‘well-balanced’,” encouraged Kemp. Matt Lincoln, our new brewer, noted the “light citrus nose.” I could try channeling Robert Parker and say something like, “classic Northwest blend of spice with a feminine malt roundness on the back-end (he’d probably say ‘finish’).” But beer is difficult to describe – you just know what you like. And I think you will.

Ta da! Monday, right on schedule. Photos forthcoming.

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Sophia Katt said...

So, how does a beer lover on CapHill get this fantastic brew, especially if she is willing to walk to Fremont on Tuesday?