Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome Home

What’s new? The brew house (is that the Northwest equivalent of a New England sugar shack?) arrived safe and sound last Tuesday, March 24th. (That’s also the day, BTW, that Michael McGinn announced he’s running for mayor. And now former Sonics player James Donaldson is officially in too – after months of teasing and musing about which branch of government he’d like to work in, if any. This campaign season is shaping up to be very interesting. The PI folded too soon. The buzz over this three-way will surely sell lots of advertising space for, like, the PCC, LEED-certified condos, and other things appealing to a certain demographic profile. That, plus the million council candidates and Peter Holmes running against City Attorney Tom Carr, could float two dailies and several blogs for months.)

But I digress. (Love that verb! Way more official-sounding than ramble.) Where was I? Oh, yeah. Brew house is home and we also now have the water filter and grain handling equipment. The liquor tanks (that hold the hot water) arrive next week. Most very importantly, we’re fully licensed! The Feds came through last week and the Washington State Liquor Control Board finalized (Thanks, Tom) the state license TODAY! We can sell beer (legally)! Now, we need to make some beer…see pictures of the unloading and stay tuned for the pictures of the brewery in final position. Most excellent.

So the whole kit&kaboodle is ready to be hooked up and then the real fun begins: the opening party (you thought I’d say brewing, did’ncha?), setting up the tasting room, promoting sustainability and the vitality of Fremont, and, of course, drinking Matt’s clean, crisp beer.

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Mike Foley said...

Hooray! How do I get my hands on some of your beer?

Also, you may be able to sell your brew at Homegrown in Fremont. It's a sustainable sandwich shop that just opened. I told the owner about you last week and they're excited about getting more local and more sustainable beers in their selection.

Here's their Web site:

Good luck to you. It's going to be nice having another brew house in the neighborhood.