Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Construction Begins

It begins. Construction at the brewery officially kicked off this weekend with the wall dividing the brewery space and our tenant's space (Blue Marble Energy). The wall went up quicker than we thought and should be finished by the end of the week. A great Thanksgiving treat. Now, we move on to laying out the plumbing and electrical and start cutting the drains for the brewery, cleaning station and keg filler. We've posted some pictures of the wall construction to give a flavor of the space.

Random news:
A local artist and friend asked us to brew up some UniversAle (the flagship beer) for his gallery opening on December 6. The beer has happily finished primary fermentation and is now dryhopping and maturing in anticipation of its happy consumption. The first edition t-shirts and pint glasses have arrived and are available at the brewery. Please contact Matt at matt@fremontbrewing.com if you would like to grab one of the limited edition long-sleeve shirts or pint glasses.                                                                                   

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