Friday, August 29, 2008

The Names

Things have been busy at the brewery but somewhere we found the time to settle on a couple names. They are: 

Duck Island Pale Ale: Our flagship beer is named after Duck Island in Green Lake, Seattle's most popular park. Duck Island was created in 1936 as a bird refuge of native willows and cottonwood. The island is used by ducks, hawks, eagles and great blue herons as a roosting habitat year-round. Duck Island Pale Ale offers a distinctive twist on the classic pale ale, using a select blend of organic Gambrinus pale roasted malt and Old World malts balanced with classic Northwest hops to achieve a heavenly beer of rich malt flavor and subtle hop spice. Duck Island is a refuge of flavor for beer lovers everywhere.

High Board India Pale Ale: Each summer in Seattle, winter-weary residents emerge from their dens to revel in the sunny days and long Northwest nights. A favorite activity is swimming at Green Lake and each summer, you will find old and young kids lining up to dive into the warm waters of Green Lake from the low board and the high board. The adventurous swimmers find themselves staring into Seattle's summer from the High Board. Our High Board India Pale Ale offers the adventurous beer lover a warm embrace of organic Gambrinus roasted pale malt splashed with a hand-selected blend of flavor malts and filled with the rich spice of Columbus, Centennial and Cascade hops. Fear not, for the High Board India Pale Ale is a session beer, eminently drinkable throughout the year as a reminder of the endless summer days ahead.

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